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Sufferlandria Souvenir T-Shirts

So you’ve been visiting Sufferlandria. Everybody knows that from the size of your legs. But what about when people can’t see your legs? What then? You want to be mistaken for a non-Sufferlandrian? Our Sufferlandrian T-shirts were going to be made out of barbed wire, but we ran out. So the folks at Apres Velo made them from the softest cotton on planet earth. You can get them here >>


You’ll have to figure out what to wear on the other two days of the week.


We know you like to hang things on your wall of the places you’ll go. So we made some really lovely and brilliant posters with catch phrases that will capture your imagination. You can download them for free and…probably throw them out. That’s ok, too.

Duty Free

Are you feeling de-spirited? Get some tax free liquid courage. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK ON ALL PAGNE AND ACID. You’ll have to generate it yourself.


Flags & National Team Gear

The National Colours. The red, white and black. The Bleeding Eyes. The IWBMATTKYT. The two grommets and high quality nylon. You can get our National flag over at our official representatives, The Sufferfest, from their gear shop. >>


Sufferfest Videos & Training Plans

You must be vigilant! Keep the enemies from Couchlandria at bay. The digital EnterPAINment from The Sufferfest, in the form of cycling training videos, is exactly what you need to fight the good fight. Re-Discover that Inner Sufferlandrian. Find all the videos here >>