Sufferlandria Citizenship Test

We are a nation under seige. We are a people in exile. Sufferlandria has weathered countless attempted invasions from our enemies to the north: The doughy, cheeto-stained country of Couchlandria. Our populace has always held strong, but the skirmishes forced many Sufferlandrians to seek refuge abroad.

In an attempt to reclaim the population and land that is our birthright, the Sufferlandrian Consulate has launched the Sufferlandrian Citizen & Land Reclamation Project. If a Sufferlandrian-in-Exile can prove their citizenship by completing our rigorous Citizenship Application, their Bike Torture Chamber will be designated an inviolable part of the 55Sufferlandrian Nation, with all the rights and honors befitting our national territory. If the United Nations wont recognise us, we’ll just recognise ourselves, thank you very much!

Do you know how to truly Suffer for VICTORY? Do you leave your others gasping for air on the steepest of climbs? Does your sprint require a speed permit? Do you know the Sufferfest videos inside out and has your turbo trainer therefore issued an injunction against you? And if so, was your case appealed to the Supreme Court only to find that your Bad-Assedness trumped any kind of international legal precedent? If you answered Yes to any of these, you may be a Sufferlandrian. But there is only one way to be sure. Take the test. Distinguish yourself from the rest. Because in Sufferlandria there is no Rest.